The journey continues with 5500 global individuals in 31 countries spreading our commitment of “We care”.

Passion, Machines & Soft gelatine capsules – This is the story we tell to our customers, our staff and our partners. The birth of Mega lifesciences, a maverick organization founded on simple universal values, started its journey in 1982 with a drive to keep human’s stay healthy. From two machines and few people to three world class factories in Thailand and Australia is a big journey in itself in the last three decades.

Travel with us on our journey, experience our continuous evolvement to keep pace with the needs and expectations of our customers, employees and stakeholders.


Mr. Kirit Shah & Mr. Vikram Tannan incorporated “Vikas Company Limited” which was reformed to “Medicap Limited” post BOI approval to set up softgel facility at SAMUTPARKARN


“Soi 6, Samut Prakran, Thailand” Our first manufacturing facility with 2 machines received a license from Thai FDA to produce medicines with annual capacity of 230 million

Began manufacturing Nifedipine for Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd


Mr D.N.Azad joins as CEO & Mr.Vivek Dhawan now the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, joined as Plant Manager with a team of 10 people.


Added 2 more production lines to our manufacturing capacity, after receving 2nd BOI approval to increase capacity.

Increased our annual production capacity to 625 million soft gel capsules by adding 5th machine to our facility. Received Food license from TFDA


“Mega Products Limited” was formed to market and sell nutraceutical products under our own brands.


Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia audits manufacturing facility at Mega.


Acquired the MedicraftsTM brand and associated trademarks for a range of products; it helped in growing our branded products and its market acceptance.

Soi 6 manufacturing facility received GMP certification from the Australian TGA.


Established operations in Myanmar (’95), Vietnam (’95) and Cambodia (’96) to market and sell our own brands and developed our distribution business as well.

Added 3 more machines to our capacity.


We become the first pharmaceutical company in Thailand to receive the ISO 9002 certification.


Launched our own brands into developing markets including the Commonwealth of Independent States and countries in Africa and the Middle East(Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda).


Mega We careTM registered as trademark.

Our manufacturing facility in Soi 6 obtained GMP certification from the German health authority, the district government of Arnsberg.

First Thai pharmaceutical company to export nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products to Germany Initiate Brand business in Yemen & Malaysia.


Started manufacturing facility in Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia and received a TGA licence for the operations.

Initiate Brand business in Nigeria & Ukraine.


Initiate Brand business in ,Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan and Singapore.


Our Soi 6 manufacturing facility received GMP certificate from Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Danish health authorities.


Changed our company name from “Medicap Limited” to “Mega Lifesciences Company Limited”.


Ministry of Health of Yemen and Ukraine awarded the GMP certification to our Soi 6 manufacturing facility in Thailand.

Mega Lifesciences Company Limited, Myanmar became the first distribution and logistics company in Myanmar to receive ISO 9001 certification.


Our 2nd manufacturing facility was established in Soi 8 in samut prakran, Thailand for manufacturing tablets, hard capsules and packages commencing next year.

GMP certifications for our Soi 6, Thailand and Australian manufacturing facilities from United Arab Emirates ministry of health.

Initiate Brand business in Uzbekistan and Ghana.


We received GMP certification for our Soi 6 manufacturing facility from the Oman Ministry of Health.

In the same year, we received GMP certification for our Soi 8 manufacturing facility from: (i) the District Government of Arnsberg in Germany; (ii) the Thai FDA; and (iii) the Australian TGA.

Initiate Brand business in Peru.


We registered “Maxxcare” as a trademark in 2010. MaxxcareTM is the primary trademark for our distribution business.

GMP certifications for our Soi 8 manufacturing facility from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Both of our manufacturing facilities in Thailand also received certification from the Ethiopian Drug and Administration Authority

Replaced existing eight production lines and added two more production lines to our first manufacturing facility in Samut Prakarn, Thailand. Annual capacity increased to 2.1 billion.


GMP certification for our Soi 6 manufacturing facility from the Ministry of Health of Sudan.

Our Soi 8 manufacturing facility in Thailand received GMP certification from the Ministry of Health of Yemen.

In addition, both of our manufacturing facilities in Thailand received GMP certification from the Ministry of Health of Peru.

  • We received the Taxpayers’ Recognition Award 2011, an award recognizing taxpayer responsibility, from the Thai Revenue Department in recognition of our being a good corporate citizen with good corporate governance and best practices in paying taxes.
  • Acquired the EugicaTM brand, intellectual property and title documents.
  • According to IMS Health data as of June 2013, a number of our branded products were ranked number one in their respective market categories in 2012.
  • Commenced work on extension of the second facility to include new PD lab ,manufacturing and packing area.Commenced work on new manufacturing facility in Australia.


  • Acquired Bio-Life Marketing SDN. BHD. Malaysia
  • Mega Malee joint venture
  • Wellness We Care center established at Muak Lek, Thailand
  • Construction of state-of-art distribution center in Myanmar approved


  • Created largest state-of-art distribution center in Myanmar
  • Acquired designated pharma products of Sandoz in Myanmar and Ethiopia
  • MEGA MSN Joint venture