Nightly nourishment for soft, glowing and younger-looking skin.

NNO, is nourishing night oil that replenishes the lost moisture and improves elasticity of the skin. It is an excellent blend of Natural Vitamin E oil and Jojoba oil. These two oils are natural skin oils unlike synthetic chemicals/oils, hence they get absorbed quickly and offer nourishment to dry skin.

Moisturizing with NNO every night, helps to stimulate the blood circulation and new cell generation. It also repairs the damaged skin associated with ageing, stress, pollution, sun exposures, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances and use of harsh soaps & chemicals etc.

NNO is very well suited for all types of skin and is tested by Spin Control Institute of France. It is one of the proven formula to provide nourishment to the skin by increasing its moisture and reducing the chance of developing extreme dryness, dark patches, signs of aging and dark circles.

It increases the moisture level of the skin by 220% just within 6 hours of its first application.

Pack Size: 30’s

৳ 378.00

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Each Applicap of NNO contains

No. Ingredients Strength
1. Natural Vitamin E (in the oil form) 4.70 mg
2. Jojoba Oil 85.80mg

Direction for Use

  • A soothing night care oil providing nourishment to revitalizes the skin. Helps minimize surface dryness caused by aging.
  • Application: Apply 1 capsule on face at night.


Step: 1

Wash or cleanse your face before applying. (During Night time)

Step: 2

Break the tip of NNO applicap with a sharp object or using finger nails.

Step: 3

Pour the content on your palm.

Step: 4

Massage the oil well onto the face, neck & below the eyes, with a circular motion of the fingers. Let it work & nourish your skin throughout the sleep.


  1. Enriched with Natural ingredients
    NNO is the perfect combination of Natural Vitamin E which is extracted from sunflower seeds and jojoba oil from South America.
  2. Moisturize gently
    NNO helps to moisturize deeply, reduce dullness, soften skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Available in Applicap
    Applicap form is accurately divide dose for each use. It is safe, convenient and without any preservatives.
  4. Well documented and clinically tested
    NNO increases the moisture of the skin by 220% just within 6 hours of its first application. It helps to increase the skin elasticity, firmness and softness by 5% after 2 weeks of use.
  5. Best Suited for all type of skin


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  • It is a complete nourishment for dry skin
  • Eliminates dryness caused by aging and environmental factors .
  • An excellent moisturizing agent , which reduces water loss
  • Help to reduce eye darkness, dark circles and eye bags
  • Protects the skin from damage caused by UV radiation, stress, pollution and aging
  • Ensures quick response within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Available in convenient applicap form which is convenient and provides accurate dose

No, as NNO contains all natural extracts of jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

Yes, it is the best nourishing formula for all type skin except the skin with acne.