NAT C Yummy Gummyz


NAT C Yummy Gummyz

Healthy and Tasty Yummy Gummyz of Vitamin C!

Nat C Yummy Gummyz is made to keep the immune system work at its best every day. Kids will love these tasty gummyz, full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has immense importance in health matters and with good reason. It boosts immunity, improves overall health performance and prevents general illnesses; especially common cold.


Vitamin C gummyz helps support immunity in children

Nat C Yummy Gummyz, is a Vitamin C in gummy form for kids to help support immunity. Nat C Yummy Gummyz is beneficial especially to prevent children from catching common cold. It is also essential for collagen production which is important for healthy connective tissue (including skin, tendons, and teeth). It tastes unbelievably fantastic, bursting with delicious orange flavor

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Each gummy of NAT C Yummy Gummyz contains:

  • Vitamin C: 30mg

With delicious orange flavor

Dose and Administration

Recommended dosage: 1 to 2  gummyz three times a day

Recommended age group : From 3 years to 12 years



It is recommended in

  • Children having weak immunity
  • To reduce incidences of allergy and cold
  • Children having bleeding gum and survey
  • Help to reduces the incidence & improve outcome of Pneumonia, Malaria and Diarrhea in children
  • Helps to enhance the wound heal & maintains healthy blood vessels in kids


NAT C  Yummy gummyz : Natural immunity booster in children

NAT C gummyz are available with Kid-friendly dosage form.

  • NAT C gummyz are very safe with no artificial additives and preservatives.
  • It has a yum taste and the flavour is 100% natural
  • It’s a chewable gummy supplement with great taste of orange


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Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and is abundant in vegetables and fruits. It is the water soluble Vitamin and powerful antioxidant.  It helps in building body form and maintains connective tissues, including bone, blood vessels and skin.

Vitamin C helps to form and repair red blood cells, bones and tissues. It helps your child to stay healthy and strengthen their blood vessels.

In addition, Vitamin C helps in cuts and wounds heal, boosts immune system and keeps infection at bay. It helps the body to absorb iron from food sources.

Vitamin C also helps your body resist infection. This means that even though you can’t always avoid getting sick, Vitamin C makes it little harder for your body become infected with an illness.

Supplemental Vitamin C may also reduce the duration and symptoms of a common cold, and support healthy immune function.

Deficiency symptoms include fatigue, muscle, joint and muscle aches, bleeding gums and leg rashes. Prolonged deficiency can cause scurvy, a rare but potentially severe illness

Vitamin C is available in so many foods especially fruits and vegetables but children who are very fussy eaters and don’t  like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables may not get enough vitamin C

National Institute of Health recommends for adequate intakes

  • Infants 0 – 6 months old – 40mg per day
  • Infants 6 – 12 months old – 50 mg per day

The U.S. Dietary reference intake for

  • Toddlers 1 – 3 years old – 15 mg per day
  • Children 4 – 8 years old – 25 mg per day
  • Children 9 – 13 years old – 45 mg per day
  • Male teens 14 – 18 years old – 75 mg per day
  • Female teens 14 – 18 years old – 65 mg per day

Brightly color fruits and vegetables are great sources of Vitamin C

  • ¼ cup Guava 82.5 mg
  • ½ cup orange juice 50 mg
  • ¼ cup red bell paper 47.5 mg
  • ¼ cup papaya 47.5 mg
  • ¼ cup Kiwi  41 mg
  • ½ cup medium orange 30 mg
  • ¼ cup broccoli 30 mg
  • Three medium strawberries 21 mg
  • ¼ cup pink grapefruit  23 mg
  • ¼ cup 17 mg
  • ¼ cup mango 11 mg
  • ¼ cup raw mango 5 mg
  • ¼ cup spinach 4.5 mg
  • ¼ cup potato cooked without skin 3 mg
  • ¼ cup banana 2 mg

When obtained from food sources and supplements in the recommended dosages, Vitamin C is generally regarded as safe. It is water-soluble so the excess Vitamin C gets flushed from the body through your child’s urine.

Side effects are rarely reported but it includes nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal cramps, and headache. At times of illness, during recovery from injury, or under conditions of increased oxidative stress, the body can use greater amounts.

Below are the maximum amounts considered safe by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of medicine:

  • Children ages 1 to 3 years up to 400 mg Vitamin C  /day
  • Children of 4 to 8 years up to 650 mg of Vitamin C / day.

      (Recommended by Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine for infants, USA)

Full of Vitamin C, Yum in taste

Nat C Yummy gummyz is a fun and easy way to give the children the benefit of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can help to fight against cold and relieve and reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage.

  • Helps to fight against cold
  • Helps to relieve and reduce the severity of cold
  • Helps boost immunity
  • Important for many biological processes
  • Speeds up the process of wound healing