Eugica Coff Herbal Lozenses


Eugica Coff Herbal Lozenses

An excellent natural way to treat and get relief from the hoarseness and irritation caused due to sore throat

Weather change, air pollution, smoking, viral and bacterial attack is one of the major factors that make your throat more susceptible to inflammation and burning pain which hinders your daily communication.

Herbal Eugica Lozenges are enriched with 5 natural traditional ingredients like Ginger, Ajwain (coleus), Mint, Eucalyptol and Cinnamon which helps the throat by soothing coughs and relives it from hoarseness and irritation and gives you a cool and refreshing breathe.

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Each Eugica COFF lozenges contain

No. Ingredients Strength
1. Menthol 7.0 mg
2. Eucalyptus extract 0.6 mg
3. Ginger extract 0.6 mg
4. Coleus (Coleus aromaticus) Extract (ajwain): 0.5 mg
5. Cinnamon extract 1.0 mg

Dose and Administration

Adults and children aged > 6 years: Eugica lozenges can be eaten many times a day, each time 1 tablet

Maximum 20 lozenges / day.

Maximum dose of 20 lozenges per day is recommended.


The Eugica lozenges are enriched with natural, herbal and traditional ingredient which not only protect us from sore throat but is also safe for the health of users.

  • It will help to reduce the symptoms of cough, sore throat, hoarseness.
  • It aids the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, cold and mucus congestion.
  • It will be more beneficial for people whose job involves a lot of communication and use of voice such as teachers, speakers, singers, consultant, marketers and salesperson.
  • It will also help to remove bad or unpleasant mouth odor and gives a feeling of refreshment.


  • Eugica COFF Lozenges are made from a unique combination of highly effective and safe herbal ingredients.
  • All the ingredients of the lozenges; such as the essential oils of Coleus, Eucalyptol, Ginger, Menthol and Cinnamon are 100% natural.
  • They are traditionally used in folk medicine since many years.
  • They are manufactured using modern pharmaceutical technology.
  • They are highly effective in providing quick symptomatic relief from sore throat, hoarseness of voice, throat pain and irritation.
  • They also impart freshness to the breath and help remove bad odor from mouth.
  • Eugica COFF lozenges can be used in sore throat and irritation due to viral / bacterial infection as well as due to allergy, smoking, straining of the vocal cords due to continuous talking, singing, etc.


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Natural ingredients for sore throat